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Detail of circular metal artwork hanging on wall at the Display Village at Whitlam

SLA Supports Local Artists

OF LAND AND BELONGING is an exciting new exhibition currently being held at the Innovation Precinct at the Display Village in Whitlam.

Photo of climate wise garden and painted mural "Clout Tokens" by Byrd on redbrick wall at the Innovation Precinct in Whitlam


An Exhibition of nine Canberra Artists at the Suburban Land Agency Innovation Precinct in Whitlam, curated by Dr Hanna Hoyne.

Image of artist Nicola Dickson

Nicola Dickson – Artist Profile

Nicola Dickson is a Canberra-based artist whose practice explores the natural world and perceptions of identity, with particular reference to Australia’s colonial history.   


Image of artwork hanging on wall at the Display Village at Whitlam.

Marzena Wasikowska – Artist Profile

Marzena Wasikowska is a visual artist specialising in photomedia. Based in Canberra, Australia, Marzena has maintained a professional practice in portraiture and landscape photography since the mid-1980s. She is currently a PhD candidate in Photography and Media Arts at the Australian National University (ANU).


Image of two artwork hanging on wall at the Display Village at Whitlam.

John Reid – Artist Profile

John Reid (Graphic Design) 1972, BA (ANU) 1973, MFA (UNSW) 1995, is an Emeritus Fellow of the Australian National University (ANU). He is a practising visual artist working in photography, collage and performance art about the environment, human rights and cultural identity. He has exhibited and undertaken art residencies both nationally and internationally. He is currently contracted by the University of Canberra as a visual art mentor on an art recovery program for the Australian Defence Force.


Image of artist and curator Hanna Hoyne

Hanna Hoyne – Artist and Curator Profile

OF LAND AND BELONGING is the opening exhibition at the Whitlam Innovation Precinct. Hanna Hoyne curated the exhibition, bringing together nine local Canberra Artists in the exhibition, whose works are all deeply concerned with issues of the environment, climate change and our relationships to country and Australia’s First Nation’s histories.


Image of artwork hanging on wall at the Display Village at Whitlam.

Dan Power - Artist Profile

Fueled by an insatiable curiosity and love of nature, and informed by an academic background in evolutionary biology, Dan has been practicing as a self-taught visual artist since 2014. Through his work, Dan seeks to capture the stunning beauty and intricacy of nature through highly detailed pen-and-ink drawings, vibrant watercolours and illustrated animal skulls.


Image of two artworks of Australian birds hanging at the Display Village.

Byrd – Artist Profile

Byrd (Dan Maginnity) is a freelance graffiti muralist, painter and sculptor, living and working in Canberra with his small family since completing his Bachelor in Visual Art (ANU, 1998) and Dip Ed (UCAN 2001). He makes commercial and experimental works for gallery exhibitions; commissions for private, corporate and government clients; as well as competing for prize shows and public mural tenders.


Photo of artist Bohie

Bohie – Artist Profile

Showcasing some of Whitlam’s native plants and animals, Bohie’s mural is a ‘window’ into the local environment and the role of humans in protecting or damaging this.